Questions for the Ramadan 2020 survey

How are you coping with the physical isolation from the community?
How may you be using the Internet to enhance your experience of Ramadan this year?
Are you focused more on any particular aspect of Ramadan (prayer, study, spending time with family)?
Are your family dynamics different?
What are the new aspects of your spirituality that you may be discovering?
Is your daily/nightly rhythm different to previous Ramadans?
Does the lockdown during Ramadan change they way you work? (in paid/unpaid contexts)
How is the lockdown affecting your self-care practices?


3 thoughts on “Questions for the Ramadan 2020 survey

  1. Hello Anna! I found your blog through your recent article written for the Conversation. We seem to have some mutual research interests. I look forward to following/reading more of your work. I’m particularly intrigued by what the results of this survey are, as I’m looking to examine how the current closures of mosques have affected (or not) “unmosqued” Muslims generally and women in particular .


    1. Thanks for getting in touch Rafia! It’s so nice to receive a genuine comment rather than Islamophobic garbage, which I have had to ban from the blog. Yes, what would you like about the survey results? They were based on open questions.

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      1. I’m just interested in the responses you got from this particular question: What are the new aspects of your spirituality that you may be discovering?


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